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Boneless Chicken Breast Strips    Fresh sliced boneless breast, lightly battered then deep-fried until golden brown topped with fresh croutons   $6.00      Add to check
Catfish Fritters    Fresh catfish cut into bite-size strips, dredged in Freshwater's seasonings and fried to perfection.   $6.00      Add to check
Fried Shrimp    Six fresh shrimp hand peeled, cleaned, dipped in Freshwater's famous batter and then butter fried to perfection.   $7.00      Add to check
Handmade Crab Cakes    Handmade and rolled out into patties with an array of seasoning with onions and peppers, then battered and deep fried or grilled. Just pure crabmeat!   $7.00      Add to check
Shimp Cocktail    Six fresh shrimp hand peeled, cleaned, seasoned, cooked and then chilled.   $7.00      Add to check

*Chef Freshwaters Signature Dishes

  One check per table please! $3.00 surcharge for extra plates  
All Dinners include Choices of Two Side Dishes



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